Trade Broker Reviews

There are not many brokers who succeed outside of Europe, but IC Markets is one of them. IC Markets is a platform that has managed to be successful due to its excellent regulations, great liquidity and the ability to trade with greater speed.

LEVERAGE – retail 1:30
LEVERAGE – global / pro 1:500
SPREAD – standart account from 1.0 pips
DEPOSIT/FUNDING OPTIONS Bank transfer, Credit/Debet card, Electronic wallet
WITHDRAW OPTIONS Bank, Electronic wallet

IC Markets is registered with ASIC (Australian Securites and Investments Commission), the authority that oversees Australian online financial transactions. This control authority makes IC Markets a very safe and reliable broker, much more so than many other competitors. The new ESMA regulations can only legislate in Europe, being a European regulation, the ASIC instead protects users. IC Markets can thus allow a very high leverage, compared to the European market.

This broker is ECN (Electronic Communication Network). This acronym stands for the difference between brokers who intervene in market prices and those who do not.

IC Markets offers significant advantages

What are the advantages of the IC Markets broker?

Apart from the high leverage issue, let’s look at other advantages of this broker.

– Low spreads: The spreads are very tight, sometimes even zero. Traders can therefore trade comfortably and optimise their profit without losing out on spreads that are too high in favour of the broker. IC Markets offers the world’s best spreads on the euro-dollar pair rate, and is among the top five brokers in the world in terms of spread competitiveness on other currencies.

– Fast trade execution: No more lengthy trades, no more trade cancellations due to delays, no more different prices between opening and closing trades. Scalpers are very satisfied with this, IC Markets offers them a professional and functional environment.

– Great liquidity of the markets: IC Markets offers its users very high liquidity, allowing traders to start from a minimum transaction of one microlot, up to a maximum of 200 full lots. The choice is very wide and the possibility to invest is open even to small investors.

– Different platforms available: IC Markets offers all its users the possibility to trade on the MT4 and cTrader platforms, which are the best in the world and which we will discuss later.

– Training centre available: you can learn all the latest news and stay up to date with blogs and glossary.

There are three types of accounts covered: True ECN cTrader, True ECN Metatrader4, standard account.

The first two accounts have spreads around zero, the standard account has spreads above 1.0 but has no commissions on open lots.

IC Markets does not hold back and offers its demo account to everyone, even without opening a real deposit account.

Another possibility offered is to make your account an “Islamic account”: in this account (called free swaps) you meet the needs of those who for religious reasons can not earn or pay interest on financial transactions.

But what are the best investment assets?

Let’s see what possibilities IC Markets offers to its investor users.

IC Markets allows you to invest in a variety of assets including bonds, cryptocurrencies, futures and the stock market.

Forex is a highlight of this platform, which offers 65 currency pairs that you can invest in with a spread close to zero.

There are 16 stock indices available, including American, Australian, European, Chinese and British indices. The choice is very wide.

IC markets also offers the possibility to invest in commodities (i.e. raw materials) and even if it is not its strong point, the choice is decidedly well supplied including both metal commodities (gold, silver, platinum, palladium), and energy commodities (natural gas, BRENT oil, WTI oil), and finally agricultural commodities (sugar, corn, soybeans, wheat, coffee).

The stock market, on the other hand, which is only available on the MT5 platform, offers more than 100 stocks, including some ETF stocks. these belong to the Australian index, the American technology index and the New York stock exchange (known as Wall Street). Thanks to this possibility, you can make a profit from the company’s dividends, a difficult long term technique but one that is very popular with experienced users.

Let’s see what possibilities IC Markets offers to its investor users.

IC Markets allows you to invest in a variety of assets including bonds, cryptocurrencies, futures and the stock market.

Let’s take a look at the functionalities of the three different platforms available on ICMarkets, the metatrader4, the metatrader5 and the cTrader. All three of these platforms have PC support (browser based) and smartphone/tablet applications. All three are very good and popular alternatives, however some assets are only available on the metatrader platforms so the choice of the metatrader must be carefully considered.

The Metatrader4 is very fast in operations and very user-friendly as it is basic and reduced to the most necessary functionality.

The differences between the platforms are not overwhelming as you are about to discover, but they are present. They are mostly seen in the additional services offered from broker to broker. The most important thing to note is that all the platforms we are talking about here always have the same feature: they are user friendly.

The platforms offered by the online brokers you see mentioned in the list below ensure a high standard of professionalism and security.

How to do analysis with a trading platform

Perhaps the most important aspect of a trading platform is the fact that it allows you to make analyses and decisions about your trades.

Every platform presents you with a real-time chart of the asset’s price in the form of a pattern, i.e. a line, candle or bar chart. The charts are full of meaning and useful information. On the best platforms you have all the tools you need to come up with an excellent chart analysis and then trade with full knowledge of what might happen in the markets you are interested in.

– Technical Analysis

This is the best type of analysis for those who appreciate investing in the very short, short and medium term. This analysis is carried out using a series of technical tools that, on the basis of calculations made on the history of the market, help you to make predictions on the next movements, which statistically are very often correct.

By learning to read the chart with the graphical and technical tools you can become a fully fledged trader and will be able to maximise your profits and limit your losses to a minimum.

– Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis, on the other hand, is useful for all types of traders and bears fruit whether you like to invest for the long term or the medium term. On high quality platforms you can do this analysis thanks to services focused on market news and thanks to the economic calendar, a useful tool to know the exact dates when important macroeconomic data is released.